Monday, September 17, 2018

There, There

I could find no fault with this debut novel by Tommy Orange, other than I didn’t want it to end. Orange weaves the personal stories of several Native American Indians who live now or grew up in Oakland, California. He covers many of the problems faced by Indians trying to make it in today’s world. Trying to connect with their heritage. Trying to not drink so much. Trying to find family. Trying to just stay alive. Each small chapter is told from the perspective of one character, but through their stories we begin to understand everyone else’s. Tension builds, clues are dropped, and readers know that something dreadful will happen. Everything comes to a head at the Oakland Powwow. Orange is a truly amazing storyteller. I am already impatient for him to write more. Highly recommended to readers who like Louise Erdrich.

~Kelly Currie

Sunday, September 02, 2018


Abandoned by Allison Brennan

Investigative reporter Max Revere was abandoned by her mother Martha at the young age of nine. Leaving Max with her own parents, whom Max had never met, Martha sends only periodic postcards. Years later, the postcards have stopped coming, and Max decides to start investigating what really happened to her mother. She learns that Martha was all-in for fun and had become involved with an art thief and con man who had stolen from another art thief. Martha's postcards have provided clues of the missing art, along with information that led up to Martha's disappearance.

A lot of deep dark secrets begin to surface. The author will not disappoint you in this fast reading mystery.