Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Fallen Women

Sandra Dallas has written many popular books including the New York Times Best Seller Prayers for Sale. In Fallen Women, the reader will experience life for a woman in 1885, old west Denver, Colorado.

Beret Osmundsen  has gotten word that her younger sister has been killed in a brothel. Overcome with questions, Beret travels from her home in New York to Denver to get answers and help in the investigation.  Beret is a gutsy woman, standing well on her own in a man's world.  Sandra Dallas weaves a story which  gets us hungering for the facts. For instance, "What caused the estrangement of the two sisters prior to the murder?"  "How did sister Lilly end up in a brothel, an experienced prostitute?"  and, "Who did kill Lilly?"

Fallen Women is an excellent read. I found it highly enjoyable and will read more of Sandra Dallas in the future!

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