Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Surprise Ending!

Uncharted, by Angela Hunt, is a read worth checking out. Five long-time friends find themselves stranded on a desolate island. Not only are they stranded but it seems impossible to get off by any efforts they make. A diversified cast of characters soon realize that the island is no ordinary island. In fact it is eerie, even bizarre with quicksand and caves covering buried secrets, hidden passions and a truth that is the surprise of all surprises. It is a gripping book and may even change your life, so check it out next trip to the Delphi Public Library.

Outstanding Christian Fiction....

A GREAT and entertaining read found in the Christian Fiction genre! Next trip to the library, look up this fascinating book, The Begotten, by Lisa T. Bergren. It's a page-turner for sure. Lisa Bergren takes you back to the year 1339 to medieval Italy where she accurately brings to life the church of that era while she uses a colorful cast of characters to develop her story line which is one of mystery and miracles. Bergren holds to historical and scriptual truth, dealing with light versus darkness, as well as prophecy and deceit. The plot, which is sometimes intense, and leaves you waiting for her sequels which, to our delight, are soon coming: The Betrayed, 2007 and The Beloved, 2008.

A wonderful read you won't want to put down. Check it out! Literally!