Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Same kind of different!

Same Kind of Different as Me, by Ron Hall and Denver Moore, is a true story told by two guys who didn't know they were being set up by God.

I can't say enough good about this book. It is the best! Why? Because it touches you in a deep place and wakes you up to seeing what you probably missed.

This is a story about a homeless drifter who grew up in virtual slavery in the 50's. His name is Denver and you will fall in love with him and he will bless you with the wisdom from within a man who never went to school. It is also about a profitable art dealer accustomed to the good life. This is Ron. We grow along with Ron. And then it is about a gutsy lady...I like gutsy.....who is moved and inspired by God to see something unlikely happen with these two men.

A story of friendship, faith, homelessness and pain! Don't pass this one over because we are the same kind of different.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Laura Moriarty has once again built a great book. While I'm Falling is an appealing story about a young college student whose life is falling apart. Sound like a real downer? Well, it is, and yet it isn't. So many things begin to go wrong in Veronica's life that you may find yourself cringing or holding your breath to see what comes next. She's trying very hard but makes so many mistakes--the kind you as a reader can see coming a mile away. It's almost like watching a horror movie and wanting to yell at the female victim, "No, DON'T open that door! Or run, run as fast you can, RIGHT NOW!" There are no boogey men or monsters in Veronica's story, just a lot of normal people trying to make it through life. And in Veronica's defense, some of her problems are not her fault at all. Her parents are divorcing, she's struggling in her pre-med classes, she's not well suited to her RA job--any one of these situations would be enough to create a great deal of stress. And in the end, Veronica does OK. She finds out a lot about herself, and about her mother, who due to bad circumstances ends up spending a lot more time with her. I felt almost proud of Veronica after all was said and done. And I admired her mother greatly. Take a chance and read While I'm Falling.