Monday, March 16, 2009

Things We Should Know

Secret Believers: What Happens When Muslims Believe in Christ, by Brother Andrew.

This book is an eye opener all Americans should read. In Secret Believers you will read real stories of Muslims turning Christian and what they have to deal with in their Islamic countries. You find out that many Muslims are finding Christ and how. And you will see how key people are used by God to disciple these Christians in a threatening environment.

Brother Andrew (God's Smuggler) tells us we are in a war...a spiritual war with Islam... and we must decide how we will respond. With bombs and guns or with love and prayer? Secret Believers will change your way of thinking. Really!

This book is the March 2009 pick for the "Faith Inspired Book Club."

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Soul Watered

Love to Water My Soul , by Jane Kirkpatrick, is the story of a Asiam, lost at a very young age, from a wagon train traveling across Oregon country. Found and raised by Indians, often treated as an outcast, this young girls story will keep you up late reading. The story is more than being about relations between white settlers and Indians, though it teaches us much about that. But this book touches something very deep. It is about longing to be filled, or watered as Asiam, the main character would say, with love and acceptance. This is a work of fiction by Jane Kirkpatrick, but what is so amazing, is that it is based on a true story told her by her husband's mother about her own grandmother. You can read more about that in the "Author's Notes." This book is found in our religious fiction section.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Irish author Tana French has done it again with her sophomore effort, The Likeness. Detective Cassie Maddox, from French's first novel, In the Woods, returns smarter and sassier than ever. Listen to this plot: Years ago, before her stint in the Murder division, Cassie did an undercover job, posing as Alexandra (Lexie) Madison in an attempt to bust some drug dealers. She was stabbed in that job, was pulled out of undercover, and Lexie Madison's created identity was left hanging in the wind. Now, several years later, a body has turned up in a rural community near Dublin, victim of a stabbing, and guess what her name is? Lexie Madison. And, to make the story even more fantastic, the dead woman is a dead ringer (pun intended) for Cassie herself. In a stroke of daring, Cassie's old boss asks her to go undercover yet again, as Lexie Madison. They pretend that the dead woman was actually just injured and comotose, and Cassie steps into "Lexie's" life, into a household of four PhD students who are definitely hiding something. The story is a fascinating premise, and French pulls it off. She is so talented at character development, enabling you to get right inside Cassie's head. This is not your average crime novel. It will keep you reading late into the night.