Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Tale of the Heart

Kate Morgenroth's new novel, Through the Heart, is a very different kind of love story. Or perhaps a very different kind of mystery. We witness the burgeoning romance between Timothy and Nora and their interactions with family and friends, knowing from the beginning that this story does not have a truly happy ending. We know that a murder will take place; we know when and where; but we don't have a clue whodunnit or who the unlucky victim is. The author does a great job of building interest in the relationship (you'll be rooting for Nora I think) and building suspense toward the awful climax (you'll be thinking, oh I hope the victim isn't this person or that person, or I hope so-and-so gets their due). Have fun with it, try to guess the ending, or just enjoy the ride. Morgenroth is one to watch.