Friday, April 02, 2010

Your Questions Will Be Answered Here!

This is an extremely good read! If you've ever asked, "where was the church during the Holocaust?" or "how could any human being become Hitler's pawn and do such notrocious things?" then this book will more than enlighten you.

Hitler's Cross by Erwin W. Lutzer (he is on Christian radio alot these days) does an extremely thorough job of studying the times before, during and after the Holocaust and gives us an understanding of how good people fell for Hitler's lies, how the church got sucked in, and what present signs in our world today should we be alerted to.

Lutzer will lead you to introspect your own heart, and the heart of America as well. This is deffinitely one of the greats of our time. Everyone in our book club enjoyed this book and we couldn't talk enough on it.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

Powerful and Inspiring

Finding Grace by Donna VanLiere
This book deals with so many things! Yes, it IS about 'grace,' but within that, it is about all those hard places where grace is needed so badly. Afterall, a life never escapes its valleys and painful scathings. We've all experienced "ungrace" as well and it hurts.

Finding Grace is one woman's story of some very personal valleys: broken dreams, child abuse, infertility, to name a few. She also gives much wisdom and guidance about hearing what your life is saying to you. I found it more than valuable.

A good suggestion when reading this inspiring book, is to make note, either on pad or your heart, of the many precious life-nuggets VanLiere shares with us becaue you will want to recall, apply, and pass them on. This book is that good!