Wednesday, December 12, 2007

An epic adventure for the season!

Alphabet of Dreams by Susan Fletcher follows the journey of Mitra and her little brother, Babak, two beggars in the ancient city of Rhagae. But Mitra burns with hope and ambition, for she and Babak are not what they seem. They are of royal blood, but their father's ill-fated plot against the evil tyrant, King Phraates, has resulted in their father's death and their exile. Now disguised as a boy, Mitra has never given up believing they can rejoin what is left of their family and regain their rightful standing in the world.

Then they discover that Babak has a strange gift: If he sleeps with an item belonging to someone, he can know that person's dreams. Mitra believes that they can use this gift to find passage back to the city of Palmyra. But soon Babak and his abilities come to the attention of a powerful Magus-one who reads portents in the stars of the coming of a new king and the dawn of a new age. Soon Mitra and Babak find themselves on the road to Bethlehem.

And an epic adventure begins as acclaimed author of Shadow Spinner returns to ancient Persia in this spellbinding saga--a tale filled with the color of the caravansaries and the heat of the desert, a tale that reimagines the wonder and spirit of a lost age.

This book is found in the Teen Room and will be a great read for all ages!

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