Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Cold Murder, hot revenge

The Swedish winter setting and the body in the ice hut make for a cold beginning to what turns out to be a brutal revenge killing. Author Asa Larsson takes us back again to Kiruna, Sweden where a beer-drinking naked ice fisherman finds the body of a woman dressed in jogging outfit and lacy underwear, in an ice hut where he seeks refuge. The victim, Inna Wattrang is the information officer for the Kallis Mining company. Inspector Anne-Marie Mella and her lonely partner, Sven-Erik find few clues and get little help from the woman's friends and colleagues. Our favorite lawyer,Rebecka Martinsson is asked to look at the company's financial and business records and she finds hidden bank accounts and bribes paid to influence the African mining industry. Could this have anything to do with Inna's death? Anne-Marie and Rebecka find a tangled web of deceit and perversion. Sven-Erik finds a cat and perhaps love.

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