Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Private Patient

Remember those old Agatha Christie mysteries where a murder would take place in an isolated English house and the murderer, of course was part of the group in residence? If you enjoyed Agatha you will enjoy the latest mystery by P.D. James featuring the detective skills of Adam Dalgleish and his team. This huge old English house is in an isolated part of Dorset and is now a private clinic used by a famous plastic surgeon in London. The murdered patient who came in to have a scar removed, was an investigative journalist known for uncovering devastating secrets. Indeed she has already been the cause of one young writer's suicide. This is a typical James novel where lots of emotion seeths underneath, but seldom surfaces-which is probably why someone gets murdered! Dalgliesh and his team must investigate everyone at the clinic in order to find the murderer. And of course almost everyone has secrets to hide including a resident who has already served time for murder. On a lighter note, there is a wedding to look forward to-that of Dalgleish and his Emma. This is a book to enjoy and savor on a cold winter day curled up with a cup of tea and English scones.

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