Monday, November 19, 2012

The Running Dream by Wendelin Van Draanen

Some people are born to run. They love to run. They live to run. Jessica is one of those people. She says, "I run everywhere. I race everyone. I love the wind across my cheeks, through my hair. Running airs out my soul. Makes me feel alive." Her High School track coach says she has a true talent for running and that she will be going somewhere...someday. But one day, on the way to a track meet, the bus carrying the team was hit by a large truck. Jessica was the lucky one; she lived. Lucy did not. Now Jessica has to face her future with only one leg. She doesn't feel like the lucky one. Her one leg is gone below the knee. She's certain she'll never run again. She will walk again with a prosthesis, but her dream of running is over. But she still dreams her running dream every night: she can hear and feel her feet hitting the pavement and the wind blowing through her hair until she wakes up. Going back to school was the hardest thing Jessica had to face. She was way behind on her homework and she felt like a freak. But her best friend, Fiona and her track coach have a plan. They are going to make it the track team's project to raise the $20,000 for a new leg for Jessica...a running leg! That's a lot of money! How will they ever do it? Jessica doesn't have much hope, but when she watches the YouTube of the amputee runner racing around the track on his running leg, she starts to hope again. People with disabilities just want other people to see them as people, not as someone with a disability. Jessica's friendship with Rosa, a girl with Cerebral Palsy, has shown her that this is especially true, not just for herself. Rosa passed a note to Jessica in math class offering to help her catch up in her homework. "I'm a math genius!" Rosa's note says. And as Jessica and Rosa work together, Jessica begins to develop a plan to help Rosa accomplish her dream of running as well. This book will keep you running from chapter to chapter to see what happens next! You won't want to miss the finish line of this great book! It is located in Teen Fiction section.

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