Thursday, February 14, 2013

Standing in another man's grave.

As all the reviews trumpeted, Rebus has returned!  Ian Rankin retired Rebus five years ago, but of course he couldn't stay away.  And just like the old days, he upsets the bosses and gets his sidekick Siobhan in hot water.  The book begins at a funeral which makes Rebus late for a new job with the Cold Case Squad.  There he is approached by a woman seeking help in finding her daughter, missing for a dozen years.  She feels detectives have abandoned her and her case.  She has the names of several other women who have also gone missing from that same stretch of Scotland. 
This piques Rebus's interest and he decides to investigate even though he has no authority to do so.  DI Malcolm Fox of the office of Ethics and Standards also has his sights on Rebus.  He just knows Rebus is dirty especially since he has been seen drinking with an ex-con mafia bigwig.  Even Rebus isn't sure why Big Ger Cafferty insists on meeting with him.
Of course lots of bodies are uncovered, Rebus is thrown off the investigation and has to work on his own.
Siobhan gives up on the by the book boss and sticks with Rebus.  Together they solve the puzzle, and bring the perpetrator to justice.  Which is the way it should be, even if you throw the rules by the wayside.
Even though Malcolm Fox comes across as  a bit of a goody two shoes in this book, in the two books Rankin has written about him and his Complaints Dept. he comes across as a more complex character and quite the opposite of Rebus.
"Standing in another man's grave"  is dedicated to Scottish singer Jackie Leven who wrote and sang "Standing in another man's rain".  

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