Monday, May 06, 2013

Chris Fabry Writes Another Outstanding Book!

Not In The Heart by Chris Fabry does not disappoint!

Truman Wiley, a washed out news reporter, father and husband, is running, no hiding, from the reality of his own failures. But there is something he can't totally block out and that is the fact that his son may soon die if a heart transplant doesn't come through and soon.

Wiley's estranged wife throws something surprising into the pot and that is the opportunity for Truman to write the story of a death row man who is actually wanting to donate his heart to Wiley's son!

As execution time gets closer, Wiley and his daughter, who is helping dad write the story, discover some surprising evidence that just might prove the death-row man is actually innocent.

Truman Wiley is forced to face the question:  must an innocent man die for his son?  In the process, he must face the personal question of what is "not in his heart" but could be.  With that decision the destiny of many will be changed forever!

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