Thursday, August 08, 2013

Big Brother

Pandora Halfdanarson has had and unusual life.  She grew up with her older brother Edison, much younger sister Solstice and their very famous father, Travis (Halfdanarson) Appaloosa.  Travis was the star of a long- running TV series named "Joint Custody".  The series centers on a dysfunctional family with divorced parents and three children that mirrors the true life of the Haldanarsons almost to a tee.

Edison is a gifted jazz pianist, Solstice is a typical sensitive baby of the family and Pandora is a normal middle child until she fumbles her way into owing a business that makes custom dolls  that has made her independently wealthy.

When older brother Edison needs a place to stay for a couple of months, Pandora is excited because she hasn't seen her brother for several years, but her husband is reluctant.  Imagine Pandora's surprise when she picks Edison up at the airport and learns that he weighs 386 pounds!

Pandora decides she must help her brother because he has no one else in his life.  She takes an apartment with Edison and they both exist on 4 protein powder packets per day.  Read the book to see if Edison looses the weight and gets back to playing jazz, and if Pandora's marriage can survive living away from her reluctant husband.

You'll be surprised by the ending!

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