Monday, September 30, 2013

LIFE CODE by Dr. Phil McGraw

     Life Code written by Dr. Phil McGraw is a very informative view of the new rules for winning in the real world because the world we live in has changed.  Dr. McGraw tells you about the ugly truth about the users, abusers, and overall "bad guys" we all have in our lives.  You'll gain incredible insight into these negative people, which he refers to as Baiters (Backstabbers, Abusers, Imposters, Takers, Exploiters, Reckless), and you'll gain tools to protect yourself from their assaults.

    Dr. Phil discusses the "Evil Eight", "Secret Playbook," and the "Nefarious 15" tactics used to exploit you and take what is yours mentally, physically, socially and professionally. Life Code then focuses on you and your playbook, which contains the “Sweet 16” tactics for winning in the real world.
   Definitely a good, easy read and an eye opener!

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