Friday, June 27, 2014

What Makes Olga Run?

 By Bruce Grierson

Olga Kotelko is a 91 year old masters track champion.  In most events she participates in, Olga must either compete with men of her age or in younger age divisions because there aren't always competing females in her category.
In this nonfiction book the author interviews and follows Olga to determine how she has managed to continue competing and winning in the track and field events.  Mr. Grierson becomes friends with Olga and is inspired by her drive and dedication.
Olga started running and track events at the age of 77, but as a 90 year old she drew the attention of the media.  The author became interested in discovering Olga's secret to her uncommon physical abilities at an age when many much younger have given up most physical challenges. Olga submitted to various physical tests such as an MRI, a muscle biopsy, and blood tests all in an attempt to pinpoint why Olga seems to age differently than an "average" person.  Is she physically superior or does her attitude play a part in her abilities?
As "Boomers" age, many look for ways to maintain their health, functionality, and independence.  Reading about Olga's amazing physical achievements as a 90 year old and beyond makes one believe that we may be able to defy conventional aging limitations.

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