Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Tomb

This was my first Stephanie Landsem book and I was not disappointed. When you stay up too late so you can read more, it is a good book. And no, I did not have to turn in a book report the next day.

Landsem's The Tomb, is about the biblical Mary, Martha and brother Lazarus. The story is fiction, but the scriptures are not altered, which I was relieved to find. The author uses creativity with these familiar characters that really did work.

Martha is the main character. Because she has known Jesus all her life, and because she has a secret, she struggles with coming to belief that he is the true messiah.  Tombs (cocoons we get tangled up in) is what the reader will consider and ponder after reading this story. We've all had them! ~ Patsy Scott

This is the March 2016 selection for the Delphi Public Library Faith Book Club.

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