Monday, May 02, 2016

God's Double Agent

Bob Fu, an underground pastor teaching in a communist school, gives us his personal story - his life, the struggles of wanting better for his country, and his confinement in a Chinese prison for his faith.  Having read other books on the persecuted Christian in China (The Heavenly Man by Brother Yun), I wondered if it would be more of the same, not that the same is boring. But Fu's story showed me much I hadn't yet read, while confirming as the other books did, that there is still no religious freedom in China. China makes it appear there is with their government sanctioned church, but those who stand true to the Bible will find themselves under government surveillance, tortured and eventually imprisoned.

Two things will remain with me from this book. First a quote by a Christian brother of Mr. Fu saying, "Prison is where God prepares his church in China." Along this line, Fu, as a young Christian, knew he would not be able to withstand imprisonment, so he prayed and asked the Lord for three years. Three years later, Fu was imprisoned.  During his time there God used Fu to spiritually set captives free.

The second is a story of a blind Christian woman who Fu had a part in getting her rescued from China. (Fu now being in America). It was Christmas time and Fu had this woman in his home, I believe. There he watched her take a set of Christmas lights, dismantle them and then re-mantle them in a matter of seconds. Amazed, he asked her to explain how she could do that. Her answer was, this is what she did for years while she was imprisoned in China.  Christmas lights. Made in China. Christian prisoners imprisoned for their faith, handling our Christmas lights! Selah.

Lastly, a quote by Ben Franklin that the author prefaces his book with: "Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."  God's Double Agent - A good read!    ~review by Patsy Scott

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