Thursday, August 18, 2016

Harvest of Rubies by Tessa Afshar

I have made a wonderful discovery: Tessa Afshar! She is amazing and I want to gobble up everything she writes. Her stories are tender, humorous and full of spiritual pearls (lessons for life). She researches well the times she is writing for, and she makes her characters come alive. Another of Tessa's novels is Land of Silence, which I highly recommend too.

Harvest of Rubies is a biblical historical novel taking place in the time of Nehemiah the prophet. Sarah is the main character, an unusual woman for her time because she can read and write, knows many languages and can keep the books of her father's business. The problem is is that she is a woman.

As time progresses, Sarah finds herself in the Persian court, serving as a scribe. Her story is enthralling in its development especially when she is given a husband not of her choosing.

Sarah evolves throughout the story and eventually learns how rubies are made and that she is a ruby herself, formed by the Lord. It is a beautiful story and I wanted to re-read it as soon as I finished, wanting more of Sarah and Darius her husband. Much to my delight, there is a book 2: Harvest of Gold! Can't wait to read it.  ~ Review by Patsy Scott

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