Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Artemis by Andy Weir

    In this sci-fi thriller, Jasmine Bashara moved to the moon with her father at the age of 6. Jazz, a defiant, self-educated woman, grows up to be a porter and along with that, dreams to become filthy rich. With the meager pay of a porter, she also smuggles contraband on the side.

    Her dreams of wealth are what ultimately put her life in danger. A wealthy and ruthless businessman makes a proposition that she cannot refuse--well, that she reluctantly accepts. With this heist, she entangles herself in a situation that ends up getting her boss killed and her hunted. Her intellect and knowledge are the only way to survive. This book is definitely a page-turner.  If you like sci-fi with a dash of banter, pick up this book.

"We're going to be rich, buddy. Filthy rich.---And besides, who doesn't want to come to Artemis?  It's the greatest little city in the worlds." -Jazz

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