Friday, January 18, 2008

A modern mystery

One reviewer from Publishers Weekly described this book as "Agatha Christie meets Desperate Housewives." That is the perfect summary of They Did It With Love by Kate Morgenroth. Sofie and her husband Dean leave the hustle bustle of Manhattan for a luxurious home in Connecticut after she inherits a large sum of money from her father. She is unsure of whether she approves of the move, but Dean encourages it, and she tries to make a go of it. She falls in with a group of her neighbors who meet for a mystery book club. Sofie loves reading mysteries, and soon there is one in the community to solve. Julia, well-coifed and well-heeled but not well-loved, is found dangling from a tree limb in her front yard. Was it suicide? Or murder? All the book club members have secrets and their own stories to tell. None of the characters are entirely likeable, but they sure are interesting. And the mystery Morgenroth develops is fun and twisty. She has a special touch at describing the elite members of Sofie's neighborhood. Have fun with this one!

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