Monday, January 21, 2008

The Novelist

The Kerrigans live a comfortable life in the suburbs of Reno. The only major dilemma in their lives is the instability of their youngest child, twenty-one-year old Zachary. After bringing Zack home from college in Utah after what seemed to be major bingeing episodes and a beating by thugs, Jordan and Carl pray that they can keep an eye on their son. They also pray that somehow Zack will grow out of his destructive behavior and become more interested in the life in Christ that they found not long ago. Meanwhile, Jordan takes on teaching an evening fiction writing class at the local community college. When a badgering student challenges her to open a vein and write something more personal than her usual machismo loaded novels, an idea flourishes that Jordan believes may get a message through to her wayward son. Jordan writes a brilliant allegorical novella (captured within the main story) as a teaching aid for her class, hoping as well, that this story will be read by her son and it will capture his heart. However, the outcome is something the novelist never anticipated! Check out The Novelist, by Angela Hunt.

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