Monday, March 04, 2013


Patsy MacLemoore is a young history professor who sometimes doesn't behave very professorially. She has a drinking problem.  She wakes up in jail one day--not for the first time--after another one of her alcoholic blackouts, and has to ask her lawyer what she did. Two people are dead in Patsy's driveway. And Patsy, who was driving with a revoked license, will spend the rest of her life atoning for this act. She goes to prison and comes out a changed woman, getting sober, finding a new community of friends. Blame is about the path of recovery and also the psychological strain of being blamed by yourself and others for a heinous act for most of your life. When, decades later, more information about that terrible night emerges, Patsy has to reassess her life all over again. This is the March selection of the Morning Book Club. Come and discuss it with us on Friday, March 22.

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