Thursday, March 28, 2013

Intense! The True Story of 33 Men Trapped in a Chilean Copper Mine

33 Men: Inside the miraculous survival and dramatic rescue of the Chilean miners by Jonathan Franklin

You might remember this in the news a few years back. On August 5, 2010, the San Jose copper mine in Chile collapsed with thirty-three men still inside. For the next seventeen days, Chilean government members, families, and rescue workers hoped and prayed that they'd be able to reach the miners who were buried at a depth of 2300 feet.  Down in the mine, where it was 98 degrees F and almost 100% humidity….the men were struggling to survive on contaminated water and minimal food.  They had to deal with issues of human waste, dampness, heat, food, the mountains crying and was there going to be another eruption and cave in.  When a borehole was finally drilled and reached the trapped miners, everyone was thrilled to find that all the men were alive, but they still had to figure out a way to get them out. It was to be sixty-nine days before the miners were finally rescued through a hole 28” wide!

This is an amazing recount of this true story. Franklin, a journalist who was on site for much of this experience, conducted 110 interviews with the miners, their families, and the rescue team, to write his narrative. The details of this real-life drama are enthralling. Franklin did a great job. A real page turner! 
This book is an electronic book available through the Delphi Public Library catalog.

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