Monday, September 07, 2015

Drawing Fire by Janice Cantore

If your parents were murdered in a restaurant fire when you were a young child, would you spend the rest of your life looking for the killer?  That is what Abby Hart/Morgan did.

Promising herself to become the best homicide cop around.  After 27 years, she has a chance to talk to the governor, who at the time of the murder, was co-owner of a restaurant named "Triple Seven".   At the same time she meets a PI, Luke Murphy, who is also looking for the killer, as his uncle, Cookie, was also killed in the fire, after saving Abby.  Abby is banned from any forward investigation when it is found out by the Chief of LBPD that it was her parents that were killed  Abby and Luke put their files and heads together to do their investigating.  They are both warned to stop before they or their family get hurt or even killed.
Too many people know too much of what isn't being said.  In the end it always come out.

This is a good mystery and I can't wait till the next book in this series comes out in 2016.

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