Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The Dust that Falls from Dreams

The latest novel from Louis de Bernieres takes us to Edwardian England. We meet the Pendennis, McCosh, and Pitt families when their children are young and carefree, with the four girls and five boys playing together in the idyllic setting of their upper-class neighborhood in Kent. Soon, however,World War I ushers in a dark period of time for all of England, and these three families are not spared their sorrow and heartbreak. Some of the boys do not return home from the war, and it affects all the families deeply. The "dust that falls from dreams" is Sophie's description of all the shining dust motes that you see flying around your house on a sunny day. It is the perfect title for the book, as on these pages we see some of the characters' dreams dashed and others lifted into reality. This is a beautiful glimpse into a lost era, peopled with characters that may be ordinary--but are extraordinary all the same. If you enjoy historical family epics, this book is for you.
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