Wednesday, February 03, 2016

What She Knew

Gilly Macmillan"s debut novel is an emotionally intense psychological/police procedural mystery about the kidnapping of a child.  Rachel Jenner has taken her young son and his new puppy to a local Bristol (England) park  for exercise and fun.  She is still obsessing about her recent divorce-her husband left her for another woman and she feels her life is over.  She allows Ben to run ahead to the playground-a normal mother decision, but when she arrives just minutes later, Ben and the puppy are gone.  After searching the park frantically and finding no trace of either, she calls the police and her ex-husband.  The nightmare begins. 
When the police search the woods, they find Ben's clothing and the puppy whose leg is broken.  Everyone is questioned, the ex, his wife, neighbors, friends, school, and Ben 's classmates.  The parents are frantic and so are the police.  They know they need to find him quick to find him alive.  And the media/bloggers are already questioning Rachel's fitness as a mother.
 This is a very emotional story told from the point of view of the mother and also Jim Climo, the policeman in charge of the case.  He wants to solve this case to further his career. Some of his story is told through the therapy sessions he has been ordered to attend. 

Everyone is questioned and secrets are revealed.  There are many twists and turns and emotional ups and downs.  Can Rachel trust even her own family?  If you stay away from novels about child kidnapping and murder, here is a spoiler.  *Spoiler Alert*  Ben does not die.

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