Monday, October 08, 2007

Ghost of a mystery!

On a hike up a desolate, heavily wooded cliff off the Pacific Northwest coast, Nathan spots a large canoe sitting high between two trees. He climbs up to find a skeleton surrounded by many Indian tools and items that have been placed there to go with him in the afterlife. Nathan's Makah Indian friend, Lighthouse George, says it is a Ghost Canoe--very sacred! You must never touch anything in it or take anything out of it!

When a clipper ship wrecks off the coast and it is said that there were no survivors, Nathan has his doubts. A mysterious set of footprints were found on the beach that led into the woods. Then things begin to disappear in the village trading post and the Makah children tell of seeing a hairy man in the woods. Nathan is certain that someone has survived.

When the clipper ship's captain's body washes up on shore they see that he was murdered and then Nathan's doubts truly begin. The clues all lead back to the Ghost Canoe and author Will Hobbs will keep you guessing!

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