Thursday, October 11, 2007

A Gold Mine

In this uplifting debut novel, author Patricia Wood effectively and efficiently sweeps you into the life and an appreciation of the unique philosophy of thirty-two year old Perry Crandall. Perry is adamant - he is “not retarded.” He knows for a fact that a score of 75 or less on an IQ test deems an individual mentally deficient. And Perry is safe with an IQ score of 76. He’s “just a little slower than most” as his “Gram” likes to put it.

When Gram dies, Perry’s estranged family forces him from the only home that he has ever known and he must embark on a journey of discovery. He must discover the foods that he can fix on his own, how to stretch his meager paycheck, and how to determine true friendship. He also discovers that Gram’s belief that he is “a lucky boy” rings true when Perry wins twelve million dollars in the Washington State Lottery.

But this book is about more than a great monetary gain. It is about a man who (although lacking in mental capabilities) is a GENUIS when it comes to matters of the heart. With poignancy, humor, and keen observation, Wood sweeps the reader along in a rush of beautifully crafted characters who are entangled in the life of the remarkable Perry Crandall.

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