Thursday, October 18, 2007

Here is a Message all Women Need to Get!

Almost every woman sometime in her married life will experience an unrelished moving away from the people and place she dearly cherishes. The Scarlet Thread, by Francine Rivers, follows a woman, like you and me, when confronted with this very situation makes some wrong choices in attitude, leading her to bigger problems than she ever imagined. With a loving and successful husband, two beautiful children, and a new house in her hometown, Sierra Madrid leads a happy life. Then her husband, Alex, announces that he has taken a job in Los Angeles and that the family will soon move, and Sierra's dream is shattered. She strikes out in anger and disappointment and her fears and insecurities chip away at her marriage. Her husband becomes more aloof and the family begins the slow process of disintegration, eventually reaching breaking point. However, when Sierra comes upon one of her ancestor's journals, who generations before struggled with many of the same fears and issues of contending with God, husbands and even themselves, she finds consolation.

Rivers draws her reader to take a good look at themselves, and because of that, The Scarlet Thread is a book every woman should read early in her marriage, because learning from someone elses mistake is much less painful than learning from our own!

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